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Fitness Equipment

The York Fitness range of Fitness Equipment is designed to take your cardiovascular training to the next level. Featuring space saving folding treadmills, front and rear drive cross trainers, upright and recumbent exercise bikes, indoor training bikes and rowing machines York Fitness can be your cardio training partner.

Effective cardio workouts help get your heart and lungs working, increase blood circulation and improve your metabolism to burn calories and lose fat.

Home fitness equipment provides a convenient option to train from the comfort of your own home. With no time wasted travelling to the gym or waiting for equipment you can get straight into your cardio workouts whenever best suits your busy schedule.

Aim for 3 – 5 workouts per week, between 30 to 45 minutes per session to get started. Once your fitness improves move into more advanced cardio training like HIIT, tempo or interval training.

Whether your training for the sport you love, to get back into fitness or the doctor has advised exercising, York Fitness have a range of fitness equipment designed to support you reach your goals.


York Fitness range of functional, durable and reliable treadmills are a great way to incorporate cardiovascular fitness into your home gym.

The running machines are easy to assemble and feature transport wheels to easily move into the correct location. All York Fitness treadmills feature fold up running decks to save space in your home, hand pulse sensors to measure heart rate, and intuitive LCD display screens showing information like distance and speed. Auto stop features and hand rails make the machines safe for family.

With pricing that won’t break the bank our high quality treadmill range is ideal for the fitness walker or running enthusiast looking to workout whatever the weather!

Cross Trainers

York Fitness Cross Trainers deliver a high intensity, low impact, total body workout all from the convenience of your own home.

Cross Trainers are also known as elliptical trainers or X trainers and are uniquely designed to decrease the risk of impact injuries and are great option to those with knee, back or hip issues.

They offer a truly versatile cardiovascular training option as lower impact than a treadmill, offering a more total body workout than an exercise bike and being less stressful on the back than a rower.

By working both your arms and legs at the same time they are great way to burn calories, lose body fat and gain fitness.

Rear drive cross trainers are compact and great for smaller home gym spaces. If you want a longer stride length then go with a front drive option that will really get your heart pumping.

From rehabilitation to high intensity training a quality York Fitness cross trainer will motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes deliver a highly effective cardiovascular workout whilst not taking too much valuable space in your home. Introducing cycling at home provides low impact exercise which will help you develop stamina, build muscle, burn calories and help you lose weight. Exercise bikes offer a fantastic low impact training experience and a great alternative to running as they are easy on the joints.

Upright cycles are the most popular option due to their compact size, being intuitive to use and easily located in any room in the home. Recumbent bikes offer a reclined non weight bearing alternative ideal for rehabilitation or those with back issues. Indoor training bike provide the closest experience to traditional cycling and mean you can have your own spinning class session at home.


York Fitness Rowers are designed to offer high intensity cardiovascular exercise option that works out all your major muscle groups to deliver high results. Rowing machines are a great addition to any home gym and help those looking to lose weight, develop muscle strength, enhance joint mobility, increase flexibility and improve endurance.

Rowing machines do not take up much room in the home especially on the folding models that really help save space.

Rowing delivers a complete body workout developing muscles in the arms (triceps and biceps), shoulders (deltoids), chest (pectoralis major, rectus abdominus, internal and external obliques) and legs (quadriceps and hamstrings).

Start reaching your fitness goals, order fitness equipment from York Fitness today!

£373.00 £499.99
York Fitness Active 110 Folding Treadmill   The York Fitness Active 110 is a great value entry level treadmill for any home cardiovascular workout. The 120 x 41 cm running area and 13 km/h top speed are perfect for fast walks and lighter runs. The clear controls and LCD display...
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York Fitness Active 110 Cross Trainer   The York Fitness Active 110 Cross Trainer features 8 levels of magnetic resistance and a 6 KG flywheel. Perfect for burning the calories at home this quality cardio machine features a 12" stride length to provide natural workout in a compact unit. The...
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York Fitness Perform 210 Rowing Machine   The York Fitness Perform 210 Rowing Machine provides a highly effective cardiovascular full body workout. Working all the major muscle groups in the body and burning around 600 calories an hour rowing is proven to improve your health, fitness and help weight loss. Rowing...
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£459.99 £599.99
The York Fitness SB300 is a premium home indoor training bike which gives a challenging cardiovascular workout.  The excellent build quality and range of features are normally only found on more expensive machines. An 18 KG flywheel and aluminium 3 piece crank construction means that it delivers a super-smooth action and...
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£394.99 £599.99
York Fitness 115 Folding Treadmill The York Fitness Active 115 is a great value treadmill for home cardiovascular workouts. With a longer running deck than the 110 Treadmill (130 x 41 cm) and a 13 km/h top speed is perfect for fast walks and lighter runs.The clear controls and LCD...
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£229.99 £299.99
The York Fitness 1000-SC Indoor Training Bike provides intense cardiovascular training by recreating road bike training in the comfort of your own home.  The 14 KG flywheel ensures a challenging workout whilst the sturdy steel frame keeps the bike stable at all times.  As you build up the rpm's the...
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£449.99 £499.99
The York Fitness 3000-SC Indoor Training Bike is perfect for cycling workouts in the comfort of your own home. This premium home cycle features a large 18 KG flywheel delivering a smooth and challenging workout. The high-quality aluminium 3 piece crank combined with toe strap pedals ensure balanced power transfer to...
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York Fitness Perform 215 Recumbent Bike   The York Fitness Perform 215 Recumbent Bike places the rider in a laid-back reclined cycling position. Ideal for cardiovascular workouts where extra support is required the recumbent cycling position supports your weight evenly over a large padded seat and backrest. There are 32 levels...
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