Our Top Picks for Black Friday 2019

Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity to grab a bargain on some of our popular fitness products. We've put together a wide range of awesome deals and this year we've decided to run the Black Friday pricing from Friday all the way through until Cyber Monday. This gives you plenty of time to browse the deals and find something that can help improve your fitness mission. In this blog we wanted to showcase our top ten picks for Black Friday, based on the amount of discount off as well as how popular these products are normally in-store. Here's our top ten:


1. 50 KG Vinyl Spinlock Dumbbell & Barbell Set | 40% OFF

These vinyl weights make a perfect entry-level weight set, for anyone interested in getting stronger, building muscle or trying weight training at home. You get 6 x 5 KG, 4 x 2.5 KG and 6 x 1.25 KG weight plates as well as two dumbbell bars, a barbell and collars to stop the weights falling off the bar.


2. 15 KG Chrome Dumbbell Set in a Case | 25% OFF

This handy case contains a set of compact weight plates, two dumbbell bars and some spinlock collars. It's ideal for lightweight training sessions at home, or even for taking away on camping trips and holidays where you still want to do some weight training.


3. Grey Cast Hex Dumbbells | 25-43% OFF

These tough and highly durable dumbbells are ideal in any home or garage gym. They come in weights from 1.25 KG up to 25 KG and the percentage discount varies depending on the weight. 


4. 115 Folding Treadmill | 43% OFF

If you're looking for a lightweight folding treadmill, that's easy to maneuver and store at home, then the York Fitness 115 folding treadmill is ideal. This Black Friday we have 43% off and it automatically qualifies for free delivery.


5.  7000 Series XI Front Drive Cross Trainer | 46% OFF

This cross-trainer can offer the ultimate all-body workout in a compact package. Designed for light-commercial facilities, such as schools and personal training gyms, it makes for a premium home cardio unit. With a massive 46% off, it's a bargain!


6. Anti-Burst Gym Ball with Workout DVD | 55% OFF

A high quality swiss-ball with pump and a DVD workout guide. This is a highly popular item for people wanting to work on their fitness at home, especially core strength and balance. 


7. 3 FT Punch Bag | 44% OFF

This punchbag comes in two colours and is the perfect home or garage gym punch bag for juniors or adults looking for a space-saving bag. It's pre-filled with textile so it has a natural feel on impact.


8. Yoga Mat | 50% OFF

If you've ever wanted to discover the amazing health benefits of yoga, then now's a perfect time to start. This half-price mat is a high density mat which won't slip under you. Perfect for most yoga positions.


9. Rotating Push Up Stands | 46% OFF

Push-ups can be harsh on your wrists, especially if you do them regularly. These push-up stands help you to lock your wrists, which both protects them and gives you a deeper push-up for enhanced training benefit.


10. Leather Boxing/Sparring Gloves | 38% OFF

These top-end boxing gloves are ideal for heavy sparring, or even bag sessions. Featuring high quality full leather construction and high density padding, they'll take a beating and keep on going.


So these are just our top ten picks for Black Friday bargains, but we have a huge range of deals so check out all of our deals right here.



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