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York Barbell STS – Strength Training Series


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When you see York Barbell STS equipment you can be assured that you’re looking at our top-end commercial gym equipment. Built for maximum durability, quality and weight capacity. And designed to endure the tough conditions of professional paid environments, such as large gyms and fitness facilities.
Our commercial gym equipment is used all over the world by high profile sports teams such as the:


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STS Machines and Stations



York Barbell has created a selection of strength machines and power stations that can be used for muscular gains, improvements to power and rehabilitation.

Our concept is to offer as much natural motion as possible within a single fixed motion plane. This in-turn can focus on and stimulate a single muscle group more effectively along with additional synergistic muscle groups.

The York Barbell STS stations are designed with no compromises, ensuring that when in use each product supports and enhances the skeletal and muscular form with correct biomechanical function.


STS Benches


York Barbell looked into upper body biomechanics and importantly, maintaining shoulder stability through the whole range of motion.

This was considered in various planes of movement and what entails to be the most optimum lifting positons when on a bench.

Using the results we created our STS Bench range. In particular our dumbbell benches have multiple adjustments to ensure the body can be trained from as many angles as possible with maximum support and comfort in mind for a very wide range of body types/sizes.

York STS Benches