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Women often avoid weight training because they are afraid they will bulk up and develop unwanted muscle size. In fact, weight training is one of the most effective methods to lose fat and tone the body. Personal trainer Tom Mans told The Independent that lifting weights is more effective than cardio. While this is very true, it is also true that a lot of women don’t feel confident in the weights area of the gym. The good news is that you can achieve amazing results at home with just a few weights and a weight bench. At York Fitness we provide a range of weight benches, including the York Fitness Black Edition Dumbbell Bench for your upper body workouts. 

With just a few simple tools at your disposal you can get in a great workout that works your entire body. A weight bench is simple, versatile, cost-effective, and will serve you for years. Some of the best weight bench exercises designed to tone your upper body include the bench presses for the chest, single arm row for upper back and biceps, and skull crushers for developing your triceps.

Weight Training in the Home or In the Gym?

So why should you strive to weight train at home? Doing it at home can save you both time and money and requires less effort than having to trek to the gym. This will boost your motivation. If that hasn’t convinced you, then studies have proven that weight training is vital for your health and its benefits cannot be overstated. A study published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal found that strength training can dramatically reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Muscle strengthening exercises have also been found to slow the ageing process and make you look younger. With a weight bench at home you are more likely to exercise and therefore stay healthier.


Why Should Women Use a Weight Bench?


Weight benches are an integral part of any strength training routine and are used extensively by both amateurs and professionals.In an interview with the Telegraph, Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams described how an important part of her workout routine is doing bench presses alongside bodyweight workouts and boxing drills. She encourages more women to break out of their normal exercise routines. Adams was the first female boxer to win gold at London 2012, then went on to retain the top spot in Rio four years later. As a professional athlete she is doing a lot to inspire young women to workout and try different strength and conditioning routines to increase their fitness and stay healthy.

Therefore, a home weight bench will save you money in the long run and help you develop your body. You will enjoy the benefits of a going to a gym in your own home. The exercise variations mean that it will soon pay for itself in a matter of months compared to a gym membership. This means more money in your pocket to reward yourself for achieving your goals. The upper body workouts we mentioned aren’t the only ways to workout with a weight bench. Women’s Health Magazine details how you can develop your core, glutes, legs and even mix cardio in with lateral bench hops. 

Learn more about weight benches and other fitness equipment. Read our weight equipment buying guide today.

Written by: Linda Miller for yorkfitness.com


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