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Explore our full range of commercial strength training machines and cable strength training machines. Manufactured by York Barbell, we stock Smith machines, Leg press, Hack Squat, Glut & Ab machines, as well as a range of cable machines such as lat pulldown machines. All built to the highest commercial standards for use in paid gym environments and heavy use fitness facilities. Give your customers the ability to push their strength training to the highest level with the York Barbell STS strength machine range.
York Barbell STS Glute Hamstring Machine     The Glute/Ham offers a multi-functional capability, which enables the user to perform both hamstring, lower back and abdominal strengthening exercises. The twin-pad design maximises user's comfort and has 70 cm of adjustments, by way of 29 positioned holes along the 50 mm...
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York Barbell STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machine   York Barbell have combined the 2 classic weight training exercises (Front Squat and Hack Squat) into one easy to use machine. The BT Front Squat machine has a near natural (free bar) movement, this thanks to the shaped shoulder pads...
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York Barbell STS Counter Balanced Smith Machine   The York Barbell STS Counter Balanced Smith Machine delivers a safe strength training solution for commercial gyms, school weight rooms and hotel fitness centers. The heavy-duty smith machine is constructed from heavy 11 gauge tube steel that provides plenty of stability when...
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York Barbell STS Leg Press     If gains in Leg Strength and Power are your goal, then you can’t go far wrong with the York 35 Degree Leg Press.It can be used for explosive leg presses or slow controlled presses. Add a pair of Power Bands and then it...
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York Barbell STS Lat Pulldown   The York Barbell STS Lat Pull-Down machine has been developed with a blend of strength and smoothness. Attachment ring has been moved closer to the main first pulley, this allows the user to achieve a full stretch at the top of the movement, therefore...
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York Barbell STS Low Row   The York Barbell STS Low Row has been used by many athletes over the years as it’s a key component for developing mid and lower back strength.The step through design makes it trouble-free to access from both sides.With a combination of a 140 cm...
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York Barbell STS Angled Cable Crossover     The York Barbell STS Angled Cable Cross Over features is designed to minimise the footprint and optimise space in commercial gyms and professional training facilities. The space saving angled frame is constructed from 11 gauge steel for maximum strength and stability and finished in tough...
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