Commercial Warranties

York Commercial Warranty Red York Green Commercial Warranty

Both of our Commercial warranties are subject to the following terms:

  • Unless stated warranty is 12 months against any confirmed manufacturing fault when bought from York Barbell or an authorised reseller. Warranty is subject to normal and responsible use in
  • appropriate conditions.
  • The warranty period extends to the original purchaser only and is not transferable.
  • Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase of
    the product, is your proof of the date of purchase.
  • This warranty is only valid if the product is
    assembled / installed according to the instructions /
    directions included with the product.
  • The warranty excludes normal wear and tear on parts.
  • This warranty does not extend to any product that
    has been damaged or rendered defective:
    (a) as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse or
    lack of reasonable care;
    (b) by the use of parts not manufactured by
    York Barbell or sold by York Barbell;
    (c) by modification of the product;

York Commercial Warranty Image

STS Warranty

  • 5 years: Frame, bearing, bushings.
  • 1 year: Cables.
  • 90 days: Upholstery (for wear-through and stitching).
  • 1 year: All other parts.

Platforms & Plyometric Boxes Warranty

  • One year: Conditional warranty on frame and construction due to defects in material and workmanship only. 90-days: Urethane finish and rubber.


  • This warranty does not cover warping, cracking, or other environmental damage.
  • Warranty does not cover damage to the wood or urethane finish caused by equipment (i.e. street shoes without rubber athletic soles; weight plates, bars, benches or other hard objects dropped on the wood portion of the platform).

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

  • Warranty cover structural integrity defects only. Correct Dumbbell racks should be used to avoid damage to the finish. Warranty does not cover wear and tear to urethane, rubber, chrome and paint coatings.


Rubber Medicine Balls

  • York Medicine Balls are warrantied against manufacturing defects but not through misuse. These balls are not to be confused with Slam Balls and not to be used accordingly.

All Olympic bars come with 12 months warranty against
manufacturing faults.
Only Elite Olympic Competition and Olympic Training
Bars should be used for Olympic-lifting movements.
Warranty covers structural integrity only, it does not include;

  • Bending.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Rusting.
  • Bars stored with weights loaded on rack.
  • Bars used outside.
  • Bars not dropped on a suitable flooring (York Lifting Platforms or 30 mm rubber flooring).
  • Negligent usage or abusive dropping of the bar.
  • Dropping the bar on spotting arms, power rack pins, benches and boxes.
  • Excessive dropping with Iron plates or damaged bumper plates.
  • Power bars used for Olympic style lifting movements.


Light Commercial Cardio Warranty Environments

York Light commercial cardio equipment is warrantied in Non-Paying Controlled Use Environments such as; 

SCHOOLS (Primary and Secondary)


a) PT Studio
b) Physio departments
c) Non-professional sport teams (small gym at the club house for members-participation level sports people)
d) Private Hotels (Exclusive use by guests at small luxury hotels, guest houses and boutique hotels)
e) Private Apartment Complex (gyms for people living in the apartment building)
f) Private small corporate facilities (work place gym for employees)

Exclusions - York light commercial guarantee will not cover the following
a) If PT studio is a paying membership gym open to the public.
b) If sports club, school, hotel, apartment block, work gym is open in the evening for local public use and/or they pay to get in.

These gyms will be classed as independent gyms and are considered to be a full commercial gyms.


Any warranty claim on a York product will be reviewed by our quality control team on a case by case basis.

Please bear in mind most issues can be tracked back to negligent usage rather than any manufacturing or product issue.

Please ensure you purchase the correct product for your facilities requirements.

Please contact us for product selection advice or for further information.



Under no circumstances will returns be accepted without a return authorisation number from our Customer Service department. To obtain warranty service you must provide the following information to Name of Product, Product Code, Batch No, Date Purchased, Nature of fault or part number required.

Neither dealers of this product nor any retail establishment selling this product has any authority to make any warranties or to promise remedies in addition to, or inconsistent with, those stated. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

During the warranty period York Barbell (U.K.) Ltd. will at no additional charge provide replacement part(s) or repair the product (at York Barbell’s option) if it becomes defective, malfunctions or otherwise fails to conform under warrantied use. In repairing the product, York Barbell may replace defective parts or at the option of York Barbell, use serviceable used parts that are equivalent to new parts in performance.

All exchanged parts and products replaced under this warranty will become the property of York Barbell. If the product must be returned, you must return the product or defective part to York Barbell (U.K.) Ltd in its original container (or equivalent) with proof of purchase.

Any evidence of alteration, erasing or forgery of proof of purchase documents will be cause to void this warranty. You must prepay any shipping charges and you are responsible for insuring any product or part that is returned. Should any product submitted for warranty service be found to be ineligible, an estimate of repair cost will be furnished and the repair will be made if requested, upon York Barbell’s receipt of payment or acceptable arrangement of payment.

York manufacture and source product within industry acceptable tolerances. Weights and dimensions may differ from those documented.