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Looking for some Christmas present inspiration for your best gym buddy or the fitness freaks in your family?

Although trawling through the internet or battling around shops at Christmas is a pre-turkey workout we thought your time would be better spent in your gym. 

So here is the top 20 Xmas gift ideas for fitness lovers to get your family and loved ones healthier and stronger in the new year.

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1. York Fitness Active 110 Treadmill 

Designed for fast walks and lighter runs this would suit someone looking to start home fitness. The real seller is the compact design with a running deck that folds up to save space when not being used. If you are looking for a tougher workout then the Active 115 Treadmill offers manual incline and the Active 120 Treadmill gives you automatic incline (12%). 

Great for: Fitness walking at home

Top feature: 13 workout programs including body fat analysis. 


2. York Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells

fitness gift ideas - york fitness

A great home gym will have a mix of cardiovascular fitness equipment (like cycles, rowers, cross trainers) and strength equipment like dumbbells. 

Free weight training is great at reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass and burning calories. The tough hexagonal heavy duty rubber dumbbells are great for developing upper and lower body strength. 

The home Hex dumbbells are available up to 25 KG. If your looking for heavier weights then check out our commercial dumbbell section. There are commercial rubber hex up to 50 KG and Pro Style dumbbells up to 65 KG. Good luck wrapping those!

Great for: Home cross training workouts

Top Feature: Hexagonal design means they don't roll away.


3. York Fitness Tone Dome / Bosu Balance Trainer

Forget about the space hoppers this Xmas! If your looking to build a strong core, improve your balance and develop improved balance then the Tone Dome is the perfect gift.

Check out the blog post "How to train with the York Fitness Tone Dome" to see all the exercise possibilities. We even include a wall chart of all the exercises to keep you motivated. 

Great for: Building ankle strength, building core muscles and injury rehabilitation exercises.  

Top Feature: Large diameter easily allows both feet with enough room to maneuver. 


4. York Fitness Black Edition Dumbbell Bench

The York Fitness Black Edition Dumbbell Bench offers four incline positions, along with a flat and decline position maximise the workout variation on your dumbbell workouts. 

Providing comfortable support for both body weight and dumbbell exercises the versatile bench is perfect for use in your home or garage gym. 

Great for: Dumbbell Curls and rows plus body weight exercises.

Top Feature: 6 workout positions from incline to decline. 


5. York Fitness Adjustable Ankle Weights (2 x 5 KG)

Ideal for strengthening and toning hips, calves and thighs along with helping burn extra calories on your existing aerobic exercises. 

Each ankle weight features a durable nylon construction which houses 10 iron bars which can quickly be removed or added to attain the desired weight.

Great for: Burning extra calories while working out. 

Top Feature: Curved ankle design for improved fit when exercising. 


6. York Fitness 20 KG Black Cast Iron Dumbbell Spinlock Set

York Fitness Workout Gear

The classic fitness gift this Xmas, the 20 KG set is the perfect dumbbell to start you strength training collection. Famous York cast iron plates are combined with solid steel knurled dumbbell bars and high quality spinlock collars. There is also a handy dumbbell workout guide so you can hit the gym post turkey! 

Great for:  Developing muscle groups such as the chest, triceps, biceps, back and legs.

Top Feature: Great grip from the dumbbell bar knurling.


7. BBE FS Training / Bag Glove

Adding a high intensity boxing workout to your home gym set up can really help you mix up your favourite fitness routines. Boxing is a great combination of strength and cardio fitness which is also a great stress reliever. 

The BBE FS Training Gloves is manufactured from high grade synthetic leather and features BBE-3S Foam for premium shock absorption. Great for bag work and lighter sparring sessions with some hook and jab pads. 

Great for:  Adding HIIT  (high intensity interval training) option to your home workouts
Top Feature: High density moulded shock foam helps cushion the hand. 


8. York Fitness Leather Weightlifting Belt

York Fitness Weightlifting Belt model

Fitness accessories can make great stocking stuffers. From weightlifting gloves to supports and belts they can make a real difference to your training experience.

A good quality all leather belt can provide additional back support on gym weight training sessions. Weightlifting belts can help improve lifting performance by stabilising the back which helps reduce stress on lifts. 

Great for:  Bodybuilders, weightlifters or those requiring additional back support when working out.

Top Feature: Heavy duty chrome buckle keeps belt secure when training.


9. York Fitness Anti-Burst Gym Ball

Another home gym essential the gym ball is available in 3 sizes (55,65 and 75cm).  Designed to create an uneven workout surface they are great for improving core muscle strength. Performing controlled exercises like squats, leg curls, sit ups, lifts and extensions whilst keeping balance on the ball is a great way to reinvent your home workouts. You can even use at your desk to improve your back strength and posture at work!

Great for:  Strengthening core muscles especially in the back.

Top Feature: Free Workout DVD included.


10. York Fitness 2" Heavy Duty Squat Stands

Squats are popular because they are a really effective way to develop leg strength. Squatting is used to build power and endurance, and a  sturdy squat stand is a key requirement for any keen bodybuilder.

The adjustable height heavy duty stands come complete with a foot plate to assist stability and storage pegs to safely store your 1" weight plates when not in use.

Easy to use, adjust and store these strong squat duty stands are perfect for any garage set up and can add some new strength training options to your workouts.

Great for:  Building power and endurance.

Top Feature: Height adjustable from 110 cm to 171 cm.


11. York Fitness Quest Rower

Rowing is an extremely effective form of exercise as it strengthens the heart, improves circulation, as well as exercising all the major muscle groups. The Quest Rower is a great beginner level option for quick cardio workouts at home. Perfect as a first rower for a teenager looking to start fitness.

Great for:  Teenager / beginner looking to get into fitness.

Top Feature: 12 levels of resistance.


12. York Fitness Warrior Ultimate Bench Set

Remember getting a toy for Christmas and the batteries were not included. Well the same could be said for buying just a weight bench as a gift. Included with the Warrior Ultimate Bench is the 50 KG Dumbbell and Barbell Weight Set. This means you can load up the barbell with weights and perform chest presses on the barbell rack. Attach the arm curl pad for dumbbell curls or insert either the lateral pulldown or leg curl to to offer a complete strength training workout. 

Great for:  Total body strength workout

Top Feature: Lateral pulldown, leg curl, fly arms and preacher curl pad all included. 


13. York Fitness 15 KG EZ Curl Spinlock Weight Set

Often overlooked the EZ Curl bar is a great home strength training option for even the most dedicated gym rats. Rather than a traditional straight barbell the EZ bar has a W shape curl in it. This allows for more grip variations which helps ease the strain placed on the wrists and elbows when lifting. Manufactured in our own Canadian Factory by our fitness elf's this line is great for curl and row exercises adding variation to your upper and lower body workouts. 

Great for: Taking the strain of wrists and elbows when lifting.

Top Feature: EZ curl bar exercise guide included.


14. York Fitness Active 110 Cycle

York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Cycle Lifestyle shot

Our best selling cycle features 8 resistance levels so you can gradually increase your training intensity. Adding a home exercise bike can really help motivate you to get moving. 30 mins a day would get your heart pumping and help increase your overall health and fitness.  

Great for:  Cardiovascular exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Top Feature: Extra large padded seat for increased training comfort. 


15. York Fitness 13 in 1 Bench

Utility benches are the real work horse of the home or garage gym. They don't take up too much space and offer great workout variations. The 13 in 1 Bench takes home training to the next level offering (you guessed it) 13 workout positions. There are 4 incline, 3 decline, 4 hyper extension positions, 1 flat position and a flat position. It can be used for both dumbbell exercises and body weight exercises to 

Great for:  Dumbbell and body weight workouts

Top Feature: Multi-function pin ensures quick changes to each bench position.


16. York Fitness Exercise Wheel

The York Fitness exercise wheel is a great option for developing the lower back, arms and abdominal muscles.

Simple to use but  hard to master the wheel gives a tough workout both strengthening and toning muscles. Could be a real hit on Xmas day!

Great for:  Working out arms, back and abs in one exercise.

Top Feature: The foam padded handles provide comfortable grip whilst exercising.


17. York Fitness 1000-SC Indoor Training Bike

Currently on offer in our clearance section this great value indoor bike can be a great alternative to the more traditional exercise cycles. Designed to more closely resemble cycling outdoors this challenging workout can add some real intensity to your home training. Stick a spin class workout on You Tube and you're away!

Great for:  Recreating the spin class vibe in the lounge. 

Top Feature: 14 KG Flywheel for intense cardiovascular workouts.


18. York Barbell Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebells

York Barbell Hercules Kettlebell model

Rather than watching the inevitable dodgy 1960's Hercules film on TV this Christmas how about training with some real hero's. Kettlebells can be a great alternative to dumbbell workout for home and garage gyms. If you are after a kettlebell that delivers on performance and value then look no further.

Great for:  Strength workouts

Top Feature: Uniquely positioned handle for a smooth, ergonomic swing.


19. York Fitness 120 2 in 1 Cycle + Cross Trainer

The York Fitness 120 2-in-1 Cycle Cross Trainer is a fantastic entry-level option when space is at a premium and an all over body workout is required. Hand pulse sensors on the fixed handlebars provide heart rate information on the LCD screen, along with 17 programs to keep you motivated and challenged.  

Great for:  Mixing up your cardio workouts at home.

Top Feature: 16 levels of computer controlled magnetic resistance.


20. York Fitness Textured Foam Roller

Available in two lengths (60 and 90 cm) the foam roller will give the gift of eased muscles and reduced muscle stiffness to your fitness friends or family.

Helps reduce muscle pain and increase flexibility before or after exercise. The rolling action helps relieve tension and increases blood circulation by stretching and massaging your muscles. Who wouldn't want one of these under the tree!

Great for:  Great for muscle massage, sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy, Pilates and Yoga.

Top Feature: Textured surface provides a more comfortable muscle massage.


We hope to of inspired your Xmas fitness shopping this year. If you need any further advice or fitness gift ideas then contact us at 



York Fitness Barbell squat


All that's left is to wish you a very happy Christmas and a fit and healthy new year. 

From everyone at Team YORK


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