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Our rehabilitation exercise equipment is ideal for recovery from injury, by strengthening and stretching your body post injury. Most rehabilitation fitness equipment offers lighter resistance and more comfort compared to standard fitness equipment, making it ideal for physiotherapy and rehab. All of the products can still be used for standard workouts and fitness training, but we have selected products that are ideal for both. From grip strengtheners to knee supports, we have a wide range of rehab products that your physio or personal trainer may recommend.

York Fitness Adjustable Ankle Weights 2 x 5 KG   The York Fitness Adjustable Ankle Weights feature soft, contoured padding making them comfortable to wear when training. Ankle weights are often used in physical rehabilitation and physical therapy facilities to help people regain strength lost from an accident or sports...
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York Fitness Heart Rate Monitor   The York Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is designed to ensure your workouts are at the correct intensity for your goals. By constantly measuring your heart rate the monitor can support a wide range of fitness goals.   The NHS advice 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic...
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York Fitness Adjustable Lumbar Support   The York Fitness lumbar support provides excellent back support during exercise or for everyday activities. Using Thermocel insulating material, the lumbar support works to provide warmth and retain body heat, stimulating blood flow and relieving pain. The lightweight neoprene material is comfortable and discreet to...
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The York Fitness Neoprene Knee Support i made using Thermocel neoprene technology, which provides warmth and compression, stimulating blood flow in the area and helping you to recover faster. Ideal for twists, sprains or coming back from injury to aid the transition to a full recovery. One size fits all...
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York Fitness Adjustable Stabilised Knee Support   The York Fitness Adjustable Stabilised Knee Support features metal stabilisers that deliver extra knee support during exercise. Made using Thermocel neoprene technology, the quality support provides warmth and compression, stimulating blood flow in the area and helping you to recover faster. Ideal for...
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York Fitness Mini Hand Weight   York Fitness Mini Hand Weights are designed to effortlessly add intensity to your cardiovascular workouts. Available in 0.5 KG or 1 KG options the paired soft hand weights feature an elasticated strap which provides a safe fit when training. Ideal for stepper exercises, power...
York Fitness Padded Hand Grips   York Fitness Hand Grips can benefit athletes at any level. Exercise plans often overlook the muscles used to grip so specifically targeting them in your workouts can  Adding several sets of grip strength training to your regular upper body workouts can increase power, strength...
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York Fitness Adjustable Wrist Support   The York Adjustable Wrist Support is designed to protect the wrist while performing exercises. It provides warmth, protection and compression by retaining body heat and stimulating blood flow. The support can be easily adjusted to fit wrist sizes from 13 cm (5") to 21.5...
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York Fitness Soft Grip Hand Weights   The York Fitness Soft Grip Hand Weights are great for adding intensity to your home workouts. Featuring a soft foam handle with an easy grip central section the hand weights are comfortable to hold even on longer training sessions.  Great for adding to...
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The York Fitness Anti-Burst Gym Ball is ideal for improving your strength, flexibility and posture.  The Gym Ball includes a pump an instructional workout wall chart and DVD. Available in 3 sizes. 55 cm Ball Black 65 cm Ball Silver 75 cm Ball Black
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York Fitness Textured Foam Roller   The York Fitness Textured Foam Rollers are available in two sizes. Either the 60 cm or 90 cm will help loosen tight or stiff muscles pre or post exercise. Great for muscle massage, sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy, Pilates and Yoga. The rolling action really helps to...
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York Fitness Resistance Tube   The Fitness Resistance Tube is ideal for exercising any time, at home or on the road.Helping you burn fat and increase muscle strength and stretch muscles, the comfortable stretch handles provide an easier grip option than traditional resistance bands and means you can stay in...


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