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More and more people are now investing in their own home garage gyms, and for good reason. The floor is normally solid and there's rarely any delicate items around to damage in a garage, not to mention that the sounds of weightlifting are rarely appreciated in the house!

There's also several advantages to a garage gym:

  • Massive time savings
  • Much more freedom to do what you want
  • Less embarrassment
  • No waiting for equipment like at commercial gyms
  • No monthly cost once you have the equipment

If you're thinking of building or improving your garage gym, here's our top 10 pieces of equipment that we recommend.


1. Hercules Cast Kettlebells

Hercules Cast Kettlebells - Garage Gym Equipment

The York Barbell Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebells are a USA best seller. These commercial grade cast iron kettlebells deliver on performance and value. Featuring a uniquely positioned handle for a smooth, ergonomic swing. Great for building strength, speed and endurance in upper and lower body. Kettlebells are a very versatile piece of equipment and relatively inexpensive, you can easily buy them one by one to spread the cost. They also deliver a very functional workout, so are excellent for Crossfit and HIIT style workouts.


2. York Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbell Garage Set

York Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbell Garage Set

One of our latest home gym packages, designed to give the best value for money on some of our best selling products by buying them in a package. This set pairs one of our light commercial-grade benches with a large set of rubber hex dumbbells, a storage rack and a large equipment mat to protect your floor.

The bench has a 6 position back and 3 position seat for incredible versatility. Being a light commercial grade, it's very heavy duty and will be suitable for any lifts including heavy bench presses.


3. York Fitness Black Edition Dumbbell Bench

York Fitness Dumbbell Bench - Garage Gym Equipment

This is an exclusive colour version of our best selling home gym bench. It's a lightweight, inexpensive dumbbell bench, featuring dumbbell holders and multi-position back. A good bench is one of the most important pieces of home gym equipment and this one won't break the bank.


4. York Barbell FTS Flat Bench

York Barbell FTS Flat Bench - Garage Gym Equipment

Sometimes you just need a simple yet very solid bench, this is where the FTS light commercial-grade flat bench comes in. It's designed for heavy duty use and for serious weight-lifters. Perfect as a bench for pressing or any exercises where you favour the solid feel of a fixed bench over an adjustable bench.


5. York Barbell FTS Power Cage

York Barbell FTS Power Cage - Garage Gym Equipment

How serious are you about your lifting? If you're serious, then a power cage is a must-have for your garage gym. Allowing you to safely lift heavy weights for two of the most fundamental weight lifting exercises (Squats and bench press) as well as performing a wide range of other powerful exercises. Just think, when have you ever been in a gym without a squat rack or power cage?

6. York Barbell FTS Seated Preacher Curl

York Barbell FTS Seated Preacher Curl - Garage Gym Equipment

Everyone wants bigger arms! Preacher curls are a powerful isolation exercise, which precisely targets the biceps; however they are very difficult to do properly without a specific preacher curl bench. Our gym-grade preacher curl bench allows you to boost those biceps safely and with the confidence of knowing it can handle serious loads.


7. York Fitness Home Squat Set

York Fitness Home Squat Set - Garage Gym Equipment

So not everyone can afford a squat-rack or a power cage, but squats are possibly the most important weightlifting exercise. So we have put together a budget squat package. Featuring our economical squat stands as well as a barbell and dumbbells, it's one of the cheapest ways to add squats to your workouts.


8.  York Fitness 540 Bench Set

York Fitness 540 Bench Set - Garage Gym Equipment

If you're looking for a good value for money starter set for your garage gym, then this is probably ideal. Featuring a very adjustable barbell bench, a barbell and dumbbells it'll get your garage gym started straight away. Allowing you to work most major muscle groups effectively.


9. York Fitness Workout Tower

York Fitness Workout Tower - Garage Gym Equipment

For those who like to add calisthenics into their workouts, then a workout tower is a must! It'll take up very little space and allows for a wide range of highly effective functional exercises, such as: pull-ups, dips, leg raises, L-sits and more. You can also add a weight vest or hang weights off a belt to increase resistance.


10. York 140 KG Cast Iron Olympic Set

York Barbell 140 KG Olympic Set - Garage Gym Equipment

A garage gym isn't complete without a wide selection of quality weights, this Olympic set comes with a full range of weight plates, a high quality 20 KG barbell and spring collars. An ideal set to develop some serious strength and power for a reasonable price.


So that's our top 10 best purchases for building a home gym in your garage. Even one of these would enhance your garage gym and some of them will turn your home gym into a serious weightlifting set-up. Remember the great thing about a home gym is that you can build it slowly and spread the cost, purchase bits gradually and eventually you'll have the ultimate set-up that's specific for your needs.



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